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Front External Reservoir Upgrade For Gaz GOLD Kits

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Fitting the external reservoir to your Gaz GOLD coilovers has a number of benefits.
Firstly, the external reservoir allows a greater capacity of oil to be used within the damper.
This extra oil capacity further reduces suspension fade so the suspension remains consistent over the duration of a race.
The second advantage is a second damping control knob can be fitted to allow separate adjustment of rebound and compression (both 42-way adjustable).
By separating the adjustment for damping compression and rebound the Gaz External Reservoir upgrade allows you to dial the vehicle in to your exact needs.
When braking hard whilst approaching a corner you want the car to transfer weight to the front tyres to maximise grip for the braking effort and also to allow you to trail brake into the corner without the car understeering.
As you start to lift off the brakes on corner entry you don’t want the suspension to snap back up too quickly as this will remove the loading from the front tyres too quickly and lead to understeer.
As soon as the car starts to understeer you need to wind off the steering lock to reduce the work effort applied to the tyres to allow them to regain traction. This slows the vehicles ultimate speed.
The compression damping adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car rolls onto its front tyres during braking and the separate rebound adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car responds as you come off the brakes to enter the corner proper and keep the front end hooked up.
This allows you to get back on the power sooner and maximise corner exit speed.
Corner exit speed is vital because this determines you maximum speed achieved down the next straight.
The external reservoir kit comes complete with all fluid piping required and log enough to locate the unit and damper adjuster in the engine bay.
One kit upgrades both front dampers.